A New Project

A few winters ago, I noticed a man in a long red coat panhandling on the freeway off ramp where I exit for home in the evenings.   His dark, curly hair and beard grew out of control and, coupled with the attire, reminded me of a displaced Charles Dickens character.  His theatrical appearance sparked my …

Spotlight on Libya

Imagine visiting a place that borders the Mediterranean and walking through ancient Roman cities.  Italy?  Think again.  Picture yourself wandering among 12,000 year old rock sculptures as the wind continuously reshapes the desert and then stumbling upon a secret oasis.  Where would you be?  Libya.  Despite  the country's natural beauty and the capital Tripoli's claim to be the "White Bride …

Stuck on You

Did you know, there's a gum wall in Seattle?   According to Wikipedia, it is one of the top five "germiest" attractions in the world.   Hordes of people were gathered in Post Alley to take pictures (see David, above!), gawk, or add to the gooey layers (see random kid below). The gum wall was one of …

Odd One Out

Even in the animal kingdom, there are those mouthy, socially awkward creatures who just don't quite know how to fit in.

After Dark Art

Tonight I pulled out the new tripod and headed to the marina for my first attempt at after dark photography.  Long exposures, low light...what fun, right?  Yeah....I have a LOT to learn.    I played around until a herd of skateboarders came barreling through and disrupted my quiet concentration.  This shot was probably the best attempt, …

Everything is Beautiful

"I'm not that obsessed with making representations of ugliness. Everything I've seen is beautiful."  ~ Otto Dix I found this quote earlier, and I thought it expressed how I tend to look at life through the view finder!    I like the juxtaposition of old and new, life gently weaving through the jagged edges of history.

Cold Beauty

I'm losing interest in the cold beauty of winter. I'd previously stated that photography had the power to make me forget about little things like...the cold...frostbitten fingers.  What was I thinking?   My fingers were so cold, I lasted 20 minutes the other day when I got this picture.  I'm ready for 70 degree temperatures again!