Robert the Parrot

I haven’t always been the most trusting of birds.  My (ex) in-laws once owned Lovebirds that would fly directly at my head and poke at my eyes if allowed to perch, and once in Seattle a Cockatoo tangled itself in my hair (don’t ask).   However, Robert the Parrot has restored my confidence in winged creatures.

I met Robert at the Anacortes Art Festival on Saturday, and his owners Jim and Lisbeth were gracious enough to let Andy and I take a few photos.  He even hopped onto my arm for a few minutes!  One person commented that it looked like his feet may have hurt my arm, but Robert was quite gentle and didn’t leave so much as a scratch.

Robert is 4 years old and hatched on the island of Hawaii.  He’s been in the Pacific Northwest about 6 weeks and seems to be adapting quite well!  In addition to enjoying art festivals, he likes to go hiking and sailing and can be found riding on the bow of a kayak every now and then.

 If you think it looks like he is posing, you are probably correct.   Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrots love to be the center of attention and are highly intelligent.  He stole the show at the art festival!


It all happened so fast

Between the piles of the Coupeville Pier, seagulls were swimming back and forth.  I got plenty of pictures of that, but then one took flight.  If I hadn’t already been in the process of putting my camera away, I could have gotten more shots.  Sometimes good moments happen too fast!  I am happy with this one, though.

With a Side of Bonocore

I love WordPress for many reasons, not the least of which is all the interesting people it puts me in contact with.   One particular new cyber friend is Michael Bonocore, who specializes in HDR photography in San Francisco.   I chatted with him via Skype, asking for photo advice this afternoon, as I edited this bird picture.

Also – I posted this to torment David Williams.   I know it bothers him that birds like me more than him.  Muhahahaha.  Just kidding.  Love ya, coffee buddy!!

Just for you, David

I took a trip out to Shaw Island on Saturday with some friends.   Few people seem to know that Shaw exists, which is good because without the touristy vibe and the traffic experienced other places in the San Juan Islands, it makes for a peaceful afternoon.

These well fed birds hitchhiked over to Shaw with me.  There’s food on the upper deck of this particular ferry, and their eyes are fixed on the windows as if they’re preparing to attack.

I’m dedicating this post to my photo-walking friend David.  He’s been looking for birds to photograph for some time now, and his ever elusive subject seems to follow me around instead.