Whidbey Island Roller Girls – Sneak Peaks

Between writing essays for class, I'm slowly working on the roller derby pictures from the bout I photographed for the Whidbey Island Roller Girls on Saturday.  Here are some sneak peaks!

Sneak Peak #2

I continue to edit photos from the roller derby bout this weekend.  (See Super Brawl.)   Here are a few more of the photos...enjoy!   If you don't see yourself in any photos yet, don't worry - there are A LOT more to come!  

Super Brawl

Last night, the Whidbey Island Roller Girls hosted the "Super Brawl" in Oak Harbor - The Big Hair Bandits vs. The Red Lipstick Mafia.   Julia, a.k.a. Effin' Magic, (a.k.a. Andy's sister) asked if I'd take pictures.   Well, of course!  Roller Derby seems to be growing in popularity here.  I originally became interested in it when I learned …