Winter on Lake Padden

  This scene on Lake Padden (south of Bellingham, Washington - a place without snow) is winter to me: the naked trees, the fog, the way the neglected dock slopes into the water. What is winter like where you live?

Frosted Teasel

I'm the last person you'll find waking up early on a Sunday; however, I somehow managed this weekend in order to get some early morning shots in the Skagit Valley. I was hoping for fog to capture some good landscape shots. That didn't really work out. Instead, I found a bunch of Common Teasel - …

Snow Bird

Birds love me so much, that they even leave snow replicas of themselves for me to find.  Ha!   That being said, I dedicate this post to my bird-loving friend David who, until recently, has had trouble capturing live subjects.

Fun with Nikon

Bitterly cold winds blew through Whatcom County a couple of days ago...but no snow.  Meteorologists promised, and for a while some flurries got my hopes up...but there was no snow.   I had been hoping to take pictures with my new Nikon D90. 30 minutes south in Skagit County, however, so much snow fell that a stretch of …

Cold Beauty

I'm losing interest in the cold beauty of winter. I'd previously stated that photography had the power to make me forget about little things like...the cold...frostbitten fingers.  What was I thinking?   My fingers were so cold, I lasted 20 minutes the other day when I got this picture.  I'm ready for 70 degree temperatures again!

Rock Face Icicles

How's this for textures?  Having spent a couple of hours in the snow, and suffering from numb fingers, I almost missed the cascading  icicles on the moss-covered rock face on the way back to the car.  What's five more minutes in the cold anyway?   This ended up being my favorite shot from the Sunday photo walk.


Sure, the rich summer meadows and rainbow spectrum of wildflowers may be a bit more exciting in a landscape shot, but there's something calming to me about Mount Shuksan in the dead of winter.   Walking through compact snow that muffled each crunch of my boots,  finding beautiful frozen objects with each turn, I quickly forgot it was below freezing.  …