Camera-less in Seattle

On Wednesday I drove to Seattle to pick up my Irish friend, Frank, from Sea-Tac Airport.  I didn’t bring my camera because I wanted to focus on being a tour guide and didn’t want picture-taking to “take me out of the moment”.   Anyway, that was a dumb idea.  I love my Nikon, and of course because I didn’t have it I found all kinds of things I wanted to capture forever.   So, I used what I had with me – my cell phone camera.  These are some random 3 megapixel images I found interesting.  Cheers!

Stuck on You

Did you know, there’s a gum wall in Seattle?   According to Wikipedia, it is one of the top five “germiest” attractions in the world.   Hordes of people were gathered in Post Alley to take pictures (see David, above!), gawk, or add to the gooey layers (see random kid below).

The gum wall was one of the many stops made today on the first ever WordPress photo walk.   It turns out, some of the bloggers I follow are from the Seattle area.  So, David had the idea (at least, I believe it was him) that a few of us should get together for the afternoon.   Emily, Mike, David, and I braved the cold winds on an otherwise beautiful sunny day to explore the Seattle!  I’ll be writing about it over the next few days, so stay tuned…