I’m Being Good

Goal?  Lose a few pounds by the time I return to Ireland.   Stumbling block?  Finding pictures from a trip to Abbey Garden Tea Room a while back. 

I’ve often said, “I can’t be good all the time!”  But, I think giving in to temptation too often can create problems and add pounds.   So, instead of driving down to the tea room at lunch today, I saved money and my shrinking waistline by cooking for myself and keeping it healthy.    I also brewed my own Earl Grey tea, and you know what?  It tastes just as good as theirs anyway….



5 comments on “I’m Being Good”
  1. Emily Gooch says:

    It’s hard to resist when it looks so tempting. Courage Jolene! 🙂

  2. Wooot, congratzz Jolene on your 1k comment (you were my 1k comment if you remember). That’s tea, what’s all the junk on top of it? 😛 Nice shot Jolene.

    1. Well David, they even put some of their desserts in tea cups! I’m not sure exactly what’s under the whipped cream – but I can only imagine Andy enjoyed it at the time. 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    This is why I don’t do food photography – it comes back to haunt you later!

    1. Hey, guess what? You were my 1,000th comment!

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