Sneak Peak #2

I continue to edit photos from the roller derby bout this weekend.  (See Super Brawl.)   Here are a few more of the photos…enjoy!  

If you don’t see yourself in any photos yet, don’t worry – there are A LOT more to come!


8 thoughts on “Sneak Peak #2

  1. Your photographs are awesome! I can’t wait to see the rest! We all really appreciate you risking your life standing on the sidelines shooting pics! (ha ha) I think I nearly slid into you at one point! =) We’ll definitely keep you posted about our next one! I believe it’s set for mid March. =)

      1. I am Nana Nana Bruise You our next home one is March 19th at 7pm 😀 We do have an away one on Feb 13th but its all the way in Olympia

      2. Their next bout is in Olympia on sunday feb 13th @ 6:00, I know they have one in Bellingham coming up.

      3. Hey James – I think Andy even got a few photos of you in the mix. If there’s a bout in Bellingham, I’ll definitely come. My friend Aaron, who is an EMT for Betties, said there’s already a lot of photographers running around, though. Sounds like I’d need extra special permission to take photos.

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