Ugly Things

I need a calm blue ocean.  I need to find a quiet place where the “function of x” is irrelevant and algebra is frowned  upon.   Surely that Utopia exists? 

Driving home last night, I tried to find the silver lining in actually (gasp) having to study.   I remember last year how I spent hours and hours capturing ordinary, even ugly things with my camera in an attempt to find their beauty.   As I browsed through old photos after class, I re-discovered this flower growing from a cracked foundation.   I had a moment of peace as I realized, beauty can grow out of ugly things.   

Math is an ugly, cracked foundation in my brain.  I didn’t pay attention when I was younger and didn’t have the best teachers, and as a result I never nailed the basics.   But, out of seemingly nothing, I’m sure something incredible can blossom as new neural connections form.  I’m stretching a little here, but maybe as I look for what’s beautiful in the formulas and patterns, it will look less ugly to me.

15 thoughts on “Ugly Things

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I found out this “flower” is actually called a fireweed. It’s the first thing that generally grows back after I fire, I learned – which I also found appropriate considering my life at the moment.

    1. Thank you, Emily. I was excited this weekend when some of the patterns of the work I was supposed to be doing started making sense and sticking…first exam is on Wednesday, so we’ll see just how much really did stick!

  1. Jolene, my friend, you will be fine and will ace the math. I have all the faith in you. 😀

    We need to head back out to NSH soon, I miss shooting there. I really like this photo, love the colour of the flower. 😀

  2. How pretty this is, and what an apt analogy to what you’re going through. I thought I was not too bad in math, until I got to algebra and complicated geometry, myself. So, if it’s any consolation–someone relates. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Heather. I think the tough thing is that when you don’t like something it seems to take a lot longer to be done with.

      It’s interesting, I’ve had a lot of people actually approach me to tell me they were frustrated with Math themselves. It does help to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

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