The Heart of the Matter

When did I become a flower lady? Flowers and weeds seem to have replaced the rust and abandoned building photography I’d been so excited about just a couple of summers ago. But, with so much beauty all around me, I can’t help but stop and capture it when I’m out on my photo walks.

Macro Monday (Kind of)

These little suckers won’t sit still long enough to get a decent photo!  Even when they are perched on a petal, it’s still really difficult to get a good photo.  When I tried to get closer, they were off before my camera even had a chance to focus.  Any suggestions on how to conquer the bees?

And yes, I realize it isn’t Monday, but yesterday was a holiday. So, today feels like a Monday. Kind of.

Get a Little Closer

First Macro Attempt
My request for a macro lens was granted, if only for a few days thanks to Jen, of Jen Martin Studios (go check out her website, she’s really good!!), who saw my blog post. 

I learned that macro photography requires a steady hand, great lighting, and quick shutter speed.  My objective was to get more of the detail on the flower I posted last week.  However, since it seems to be really windy here all of the time, it was hard to get a shot that didn’t turn out blurry.  This one was my best attempt.

I Need a Macro Lens

Sign of Spring

This is as close to the flower as I could get with my 18-200 mm before it refused to focus.  So, I guess I now save my pennies and get a good macro lens.  And a flash.  The list goes on.  It’s times like this I get a little upset about the money spent on my return trip to Ireland, but then I have to shake it off.  All things in time…Patience has never been a virtue of mine.

Ugly Things

I need a calm blue ocean.  I need to find a quiet place where the “function of x” is irrelevant and algebra is frowned  upon.   Surely that Utopia exists? 

Driving home last night, I tried to find the silver lining in actually (gasp) having to study.   I remember last year how I spent hours and hours capturing ordinary, even ugly things with my camera in an attempt to find their beauty.   As I browsed through old photos after class, I re-discovered this flower growing from a cracked foundation.   I had a moment of peace as I realized, beauty can grow out of ugly things.   

Math is an ugly, cracked foundation in my brain.  I didn’t pay attention when I was younger and didn’t have the best teachers, and as a result I never nailed the basics.   But, out of seemingly nothing, I’m sure something incredible can blossom as new neural connections form.  I’m stretching a little here, but maybe as I look for what’s beautiful in the formulas and patterns, it will look less ugly to me.