Ugly Things

I need a calm blue ocean.  I need to find a quiet place where the “function of x” is irrelevant and algebra is frowned  upon.   Surely that Utopia exists? 

Driving home last night, I tried to find the silver lining in actually (gasp) having to study.   I remember last year how I spent hours and hours capturing ordinary, even ugly things with my camera in an attempt to find their beauty.   As I browsed through old photos after class, I re-discovered this flower growing from a cracked foundation.   I had a moment of peace as I realized, beauty can grow out of ugly things.   

Math is an ugly, cracked foundation in my brain.  I didn’t pay attention when I was younger and didn’t have the best teachers, and as a result I never nailed the basics.   But, out of seemingly nothing, I’m sure something incredible can blossom as new neural connections form.  I’m stretching a little here, but maybe as I look for what’s beautiful in the formulas and patterns, it will look less ugly to me.