Noble Fir

I may live in the “Evergreen State”, but that doesn’t mean I know my trees.  This one happened to be marked as Noble Fir, which is why I know what it is.    The Noble Fir is a beautiful evergreen with sparse needles, but it was never lucky enough to go home with my family when I was a kid or even with me as an adult.   We’ve always opted for something more full like a Douglas Fir for our Christmas Tree  – which I believe is what’s sitting in my house right now.  I really need to take a picture of the decorated version and post it soon.

8 thoughts on “Noble Fir

  1. Beautiful close-up. I’m not very tree-savvy, either. I suspect I get the spruces and firs mixed up all the time.

    At least I now my pines and cedars! I think…

    1. I can’t even guarantee I know the difference. Ha. As I was just looking at this again, I saw the “crisp shadows” from your photo assignment yesterday in the pine needles. Maybe I’ll just unofficially follow what you and David are doing when I need inspiration.

    1. This actually isn’t a macro shot. I took this on David’s Canon – with a 28-135 mm f/3.5-5.6. Isn’t he a nice guy to lend me his Canon?? 🙂

      I think the concept of fake trees is far more efficient, but the real ones smell so nice. And then there’s always the pictures taken on the outtings to go get the tree. Good fun.

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