Candy Cane Carnage

Slowly but surely, I will destroy every tasty thing in my kitchen in the name of photography – or for cupcake experiments.   These candy canes were crushed for a new cupcake I was trying to bake. 

Tragic story.  I slaved over this new recipe but neglected to do one very important thing – restrain my hair.  So, when my cupcake creations, complete with crushed candy cane topping arrived at Matt’s house tonight, and when Rick took a big bite and the longest strand of my my blonde hair was pulled slowly from his mouth, I was horrified.  Of course someone else saw the long hair and had a slight mental breakdown and had to spit out his cupcake into the trash.  I was crushed.  How could I allow my hair to end up in my culinary triumph?  Unacceptable. 

2010 is determined to defeat me.  I can’t wait to get into 2011 when my hair avoids cake batter, men learn to be honest, and I lose the 20 stress  I’ve gained.  Grrrr.  

Wow, this wasn’t so much a cautionary tale of hair-baking follies as it was a venting session for 2010!

What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear?

Santa’s sleigh and reindeer took the form of a UPS truck and left another package for me today.  This one came from my dad, Grant, and his wife, Deb,  in Minnesota.   The first thing I noticed when I opened the box, was the truffles strategically placed on top.  And, after wondering which one I should eat first, I thought about how to photograph them.  Of course!   I was immediately drawn to the musical notes truffle (which tasted as good as looked). 

These truffles are made by Delectables by Dori in Starbuck, Minnesota and come in such enticing flavors as dark chocolate cherry, hazelnut, Irish creme, and orange.  Then there’s milk chocolate, and white chocolate – some with lemon.   Okay…time to eat some!

The Grinch!

I thought this picture was lost for good after my old laptop crashed.   But, there it was tonight in my “Best of Nikon” folder!  Apparently I’d transferred it over to my new laptop at some point and forgot about it.

I captured the Grinch last Christmas when I was out taking pictures with my Nikon.    New to photography, I was taking pictures of literally everything.  So, as I wandered through Fairhaven I thought I’d take an artistic shot of these stairs.  As I was framing the shot, the Grinch just walked right into it.  I didn’t plan it….he just walked into it!    I love little surprises and those unplanned moments.

Noble Fir

I may live in the “Evergreen State”, but that doesn’t mean I know my trees.  This one happened to be marked as Noble Fir, which is why I know what it is.    The Noble Fir is a beautiful evergreen with sparse needles, but it was never lucky enough to go home with my family when I was a kid or even with me as an adult.   We’ve always opted for something more full like a Douglas Fir for our Christmas Tree  – which I believe is what’s sitting in my house right now.  I really need to take a picture of the decorated version and post it soon.

Naughty or Nice

Dear Santa,

If you find yourself in Bellingham, Washington on December 25th please bring the following:

  • A Nikon D300 and an assortment of lenses
  • Camera accessories including a tripod and camera bag
  • Something Irish
  • A personal trainer
  • A personal chef
  • A Land Cruiser
  • First quarter tuition

I know it seems like a lot, but it never hurts to ask.  You can’t receive if you don’t ask! 

I will use these gifts for nice and not naughty. Well, mostly.   It would probably depend on how you interpret “something Irish”. 

Thank you!

I Want A REAL Tree…

What do you do when your roomie wants a real Christmas tree and you feel indifferent?  You call your friends, buy some hot apple cider, and then drive into the country to find a real tree, of course. 

Here is the proper way to locate the perfect tree and cut it down yourself. 

First you find a U-Cut tree farm with a great view.

Wander through the farm until you find a tree you can’t live without.  Give it a big hug.

Ask Andy to give you a quick lesson in saw basics.

Feel empowered.

Before you get too involved in the cutting, it’s important to have someone hold your glasses.

Put a little muscle into it.  That tree isn’t going to cut itself down. 

After it’s down, have Andy  help you walk the tree back to the truck.    Rick will be texting people about it.

Drink hot cider while the boys finish the job.

Goodwill Donation

Tonight I assessed the Christmas decoration situation.   I have a lot of ribbon, and it all smells like eucalyptus from being shoved in bags with the floral decor and hidden in my laundry room for the past 11 months.    To top that off, the bags are all labeled “Bon Marche“.  Those of you who live in and around Seattle know about the whole BonMarche – Bon Macy’s – Macy’s transition that started about a decade ago.   These decorations and bags are old, relatively speaking.  They’ve been around since before my divorce, and the eucalyptus kind of reminds me of that.   Time to clean house!

So, Jess and I will be searching for a tree and new decorations this year….and the BonMarche bags will be surrendered to the local Goodwill store.