The Rocky and Ginger Show

The photos from my first doggie photo shoot are complete!   I’m calling this the Rocky and Ginger show because I swear they were putting on a performance….but, you be the judge.



10 comments on “The Rocky and Ginger Show”
  1. You did a great job capturing their cuteness. I especially love the one of the female holding the one with the holiday sweater….

    1. Thank you, Maria. There were so many others I’d have liked to have posted!

  2. Emily Gooch says:

    Nice capture of the cute pups. I know it’s not easy to get them to pose the way you want. Cute sweaters. 🙂

    1. They certainly don’t want to sit still! I think these little dogs are just small and cute enough to pull off those sweaters. 🙂

  3. sophiespetzler says:

    Aww, haha, this is just sweet 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sophie! This was such a fun shoot to do.

  4. Cipher says:

    Nice shots. You can see a bit of their personalities coming through.

    1. Thanks, Cipher. Because they don’t actually “pose” like people do, it’s a bit easier to capture their true personalities I think.

  5. Ah sweet! The one in the red jacket is definitely a clown. Who is it looking at in the first two shots?

    1. Hi Lisa – the dogs belong to two sisters. This one, Ginger, is looking at the sisters’ dad. He tried to get both of them looking in the same direction for the group shots. It was not an easy task!

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