Chuck’s Favorite Things

Chuck’s Golf  Bag

How long does it take 9 people to move Chuck and Karen into their first home together?  About 9 hours.  And forget about sticking to a diet.  You eat what is convenient, which is burgers and pizza.  This is okay, because minus drive time it was the equivalent of 7 hours in the gym. 

Being the odd chick I am, I enjoyed helping them move.  Not only did I get the exercise, I helped alleviate just a little bit of stress from two very dear friends AND got a bright red boombox, an ironing board, and a plastic storage case out of it!  Score!

Chuck’s Guitars

It took two trips to Mount Vernon, the majority of the day, and a full U-Haul to move Karen.  Chuck, my next door neighbor, was a little easier.   We formed a line from the front door to the U-Haul and just passed boxes from person to person.  We were done in less than an hour.   There were a few prized possessions held back from the U-Haul, carefully placed in the back of Chuck’s truck instead…his collection of bass guitars and his golf clubs. 

So, now 12 hours later everyone is exhausted, and I’m at home again listening to old Metallica on cassette tape on the bright red boombox thinking about sleep.  I’m also wondering how many mixed tapes Karen made on this dinosaur back in the day? 

4 thoughts on “Chuck’s Favorite Things

    1. Yes – those are metalic green golf balls. I’d never seen any like them, so naturally I wanted to take a picture. Ha. He doesn’t actually use those golf balls…it’s more of a joke between him and another friend whose golf gear is completely in green.

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