Rock Face Icicles

How’s this for textures?  Having spent a couple of hours in the snow, and suffering from numb fingers, I almost missed the cascading  icicles on the moss-covered rock face on the way back to the car.  What’s five more minutes in the cold anyway?   This ended up being my favorite shot from the Sunday photo walk.

7 thoughts on “Rock Face Icicles

  1. Love the play of the slick ice with the softer fuzzy lichened surfaces.
    Would be interesting to see a few foreshortened shots in a smaller f-stop, bring the icicles into sharp focus and make the rocks a little less sharp. Or maybe its just perfect and I’m being obsessive about fuzzy things.

    1. Thank you for visiting and for your feedback! I do actually have some different shots like that – I just chose this one because I liked the contrast of all the surfaces. I may play with the photos and see if there’s anything I like enough to post later along with a picture of the entire rock face. Not quite sure yet…

  2. I like it. My first thought when looking at it – “frozen mutant frog”. Did you get any wider shots? Might be nice to see more of the rock face.

    1. OMG. I saw the “frog” too, and was actually wondering when I posted it if anyone else would also see that!! That’s awesome. I did happen to get some wider shots, although it was kind of dark by the time I backed up and was too cold to get the tripod out for the slower shutter speed I would have needed. Maybe I’ll pick out a couple more for my post tonight.

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