Attack Squirrel

I don’t trust wild animals that approach humans.  Especially ones with sizable claws. 
I could imagine him scaling my body and then trying to burrow through my hair.  I’m sure he just thought I had food.  But still…

Location:  Whatcom Falls Park;  Bellingham, Washington
Camera:  Canon 40d

7 thoughts on “Attack Squirrel

  1. Oops, sorry…I got so involved in relaying my close encounter with squirrels I forgot to say these are both great shots! 🙂

  2. He’s adorable in an aggressive kind of way! I was laying on the beach once years ago and several squirrels came down from a cliff and walked right up to my blanket. I was actually sleeping on my stomach at the time. What got my attention was the squirrel who got on top of me and walked right over my back! 🙂

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