A Walk in the Park

Whatcom Falls Park

I had to deviate from my Ireland posts to show everyone what a beautiful fall day it is in Bellingham, Washington…and also ask a question about HDR photography. Recently, I found the HDR Toning option in PhotoShop. I’ve used it on a few of my photos, with some manual fine-tuning. I’m not sure if I like the results yet or not. I haven’t yet tried the traditional method of taking several photos and using software to combine the images into an HDR image. Any thoughts on methods that work well or produce a good result?

Revenge of Attack Squirrel: Feeding Time

Sitting under a tree on the far side of Whatcom Falls parking lot on Saturday, we found a woman feeding Cheetos to the squirrels from her car.   Apparently, her windows being open, the squirrels had jumped in and started terrorizing her.  Throwing Cheetos on the ground lured them back out.  See, they do attack!

Photo Walk Favorite

A few friends and I went on a photo walk this morning and, luckily, managed to avoid the rain.  However, what had fallen earlier created some beautiful photo opportunities.  I couldn’t wait to get home and pull this web up on my computer screen to see it BIG. 
To quote Karl, who was learning some new techniques on his Nikon, “Isn’t nature cool?” 

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  Parking lot of Whatcom Falls Park;  Bellingham, Washington