Hormones have been the big topic the past week in Anatomy and Physiology. Tonight we did a little matching activity to help us memorize the thirty odd hormones we’re responsible for knowing and their associated glands.

The real fun came at the start of the class when we were surprised with cow eyeballs, though. It struck me as funny when I first found out, and it continued to be somewhat funny as my scalpel punctured the vitreous body, and black goo poured onto the metal tray. I think this was because every time I pressed down on the eyeball, the pressure caused the cornea to bulge out like a demented stress toy, and I became concerned with the possibility of projectile chamber fluids. Or, perhaps the humor was in the fact that our instructor picked up our eyeball with his bare hands, squeezed it, and then proceeded to eat whatever snack he’d been carrying around. Good times.

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