Jet Lag

Sheep grazing on the mountains just before the Ring of Kerry

Irish travel log, day 4.

My jet lag has been terrible this time. I didn’t blog for the first two days because of the fog. I had to force myself to walk around Dublin and even to eat because I just didn’t feel like it. Writing? Ha! Balls to that! (Irish expression.)

So, what happens to an American woman who is jet lagged? Someone will actually rent her a car. Once the car is rented, she will proceed to sit in the passenger side seat, expecting a steering wheel to be there and then, pretending like she meant to do that, she will get out and then re-enter on the right (wrong) side. Later, when she tries to enter Bailey’s Hotel car park, she will enter on the right side and wonder where the hell the key code entry pad is located. Then she’ll back up and enter the left (wrong) side hoping a camera wasn’t recording it, lest she end up on Tosh.O with a web redemption.

Today I am less jet lagged and think I’ve gotten the hang of driving, even though the signs aren’t very well posted. I’m very surprised to have actually made it to Portmagee, my final destination for the evening. Tomorrow – boat trip to Skellig Michael. No driving required…

Some photos from the day:

I never said I was a good driver to begin with…
Cahir Castle; Cahir, Ireland
Cool Door at Cahir Castle
Portmagee, Ireland

6 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. Your photographs are so beautiful and clear. I feel like I’m right there in Portmagee, or hanging out with the sheep. We spent a glorious 3 weeks in Portmagee a few years back, and I was so happy to see your picture. Have a great time on Skellig Michael.

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I couldn’t go out to Skellig Michael that day due to the fact the swells were too high and the boats couldn’t dock. Maybe that means I’ll have to go again… 🙂

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