Surviving the Apocalypse

The second time the gale force winds knocked out the power today, I decided to pass the cold, dark hours at the neighbor’s discussing a postapocalyptic world and who would survive.   What else would we talk about?

As Chuck and I first discussed, we’d have to conserve the power we do have – which we were doing a poor job of as we had suddenly become tethered to our cell phones as the only usable link to technology.   Secondly, we decided surviving would depend on whether or not zombies existed, because that would determine the type of weapons we needed and how high we’d need to build the fence around our self-sustaining property.  This discussion went on for a while until we realized we didn’t know how to communicate well without television.

In the end, I fought the winds on my short walk home and proceeded to light about 50 candles.  THEN, and only then, did the power come back on.  Of course.  And since I’d spent so much time lighting candles, I thought I might as well do something productive with them. 

Who needs power when I have entertaining neighbors, candlelight, spiced rum, and a Canon anyway?   I continue to count my blessings and be thankful – especially on these nights when the temperatures dip well below freezing.

7 thoughts on “Surviving the Apocalypse

  1. What a warm and inviting photo–and I love the new signature. Such a soft glow and stark contrast with the red and black.

    You really gave me a chuckle with this one–it’s funny, how we change when the lights go out. Reminds me of a few years back: the kids and I (well, mostly ‘I’) decided to save some money on our hydro bill, and we went without lights for a whole month. Never turned them on. Lived by candlelight. It was a whole lot of fun (as I remember it, anyway), but, in the end, we only trimmed close to $20 dollars off the whole bill.

    Still, I don’t think I’d mind doing it again. Thanks for sharing your gratitude. 🙂

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