Up to No Good

Tonight Jess and I sat down to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with wine and chocolate chip cookies.  Not just any chocolate chip cookies, but my mom’s secret recipe that I’ll never share.  

For some reason, I decided to post on Facebook that I was up to no good – which inspired the following online conversation:

Me:  I’m up to no good.
Jess:  At least there are cookies.
Sandra:  Get some!  Ahahahaa
Me:  There’s also pirates.
Jess:  …dirty ones!
Sandra:  Yeah, cookies and pirates.  That sounds like fun!
Jess:  Dirty, sweaty, sexy pirates Sandra!
Sandra:  Yeah!  !!  Even better….Bahahaha
Brian:  Uh-oh…

Great Monday night, sans boys and football!  If only Erica were here dressed in her peacock costume, and I could kick this jet lag and whatever little bug is trying to attack me…life would truly be complete.

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