I work as a Project Manager at an insurance company and am therefore familiar with and consequently hate acronyms.  However,  I found myself in a lot of extra meetings this week with a larger than normal volume of emails that I couldn’t subsequently get to.    So, I really do Thank God It’s Friday and I don’t have to deal with any of it until next Monday.

Tomorrow I’ll be driving to Leavenworth, Washington to join some friends at a campsite.  I’ll try to absorb some sunshine and drink pretty things that make me happy.   It’s gonna be good times…and I think I’ll leave technology behind!  No Facebook, WordPress, Hotmail, or Zenfolio.   Just me, Nikon, and a few good friends!


I’m learning an entirely new operating system at work over the next couple of weeks.  And I still have meetings to attend.  And busy work to complete.  And my brother and his family just arrived in Western Washington.  And tomorrow I’m hanging all of my work at Tony’s Coffee House and still have two pictures to frame.  But, I’m surviving…with coffee, careful time management, and the occasional Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.   If only that escape button had the power to do what it said!

Camera:  Motorola Droid
Apps:  PicSay Pro (of course!)
Location:  Windowless Classroom;  Burlington, Washington