Knowles Wedding

I’m listening to The Killers (slightly obsessed with Mr. Brightside at the moment) and editing photos from the Holtrop-Knowles wedding.  Mostly what I’ve managed to do today is move the best photos to a separate folder for future editing.  With a political science class starting tomorrow, the remaining 150 pages of Lolita to read before book club, and my day job, it’ll probably take me about two weeks to complete the wedding photos.

I realize I’m also seriously behind on reading everyone’s blogs, which seems to be a common occurence since Spring.  I need to come up with a schedule so that, let’s say, every Saturday morning before I do anything else, I cycle through my subscriptions. 

They exchange a look...too cute not to post!

While I Wait

While I wait for 545 of my youngest brother’s wedding photos to batch in Adobe Bridge CS5 from RAW into jpeg so he can actually view them on this computer, I thought I’d post a few sneak peaks. 

Here you go, Anthony and Jenina!   You’d never know how hot and humid it was by the happiness on your faces.

This is one of my favorite shots so far.





Urban Backdrops

While driving through my hometown with my youngest brother last week, I spotted a red wall glowing in the afternoon sun.    This turned out to be the perfect backdrop for several of his wedding photos.  (Nevermind it was on the side of a bar.)  We had been en route to a different location for his photos, but this deserved a quick stop.  By the time I returned with the bride a couple of hours later, the sun wasn’t shining on it anymore, but the color was still a good contrast with her flowers and dress.  

I love these urban backdrops.  They’re different and fun and work well with portraits when I’m looking for something unique.   I’m also including a couple of examples of portraits taken in Washington.

Anthony in Glenwood, Minnesota
Jenina in Glenwood, Minnesota
Jen in Leavenworth, Washington
Matt in Port Townsend, Washington

All You Need is Droid



And love.  This is my first blog post from my Motorola Droid using the WordPress app, and I decided to post a couple of pictures I took with my camera phone at my friend Jasmine’s wedding. 

The lighting was perfect to capture the cake, and these corks were a gift to me from the bartender to add to my growing collection.  What will I do with all these corks?  No idea.  For now, they overflow the small basket in my kitchen as I decide.

Camera:  Motorola Droid
Apps:  Picsay Pro
Location:  Country Club, Lake Stevens Area

A Wedding Toast


I had the honor of photographing a wedding for some friends of mine yesterday.   I’m sitting here looking through the photos trying to determine what to keep and edit.  I normally photograph inanimate objects, so this was a good challenge for me. What I like about the pictures so far is the candid shots and the happiness on people’s faces.  

With respect to the Bride, who hasn’t seen anything yet, I wanted my photo of the day to be of an object from the wedding instead of any particular person.  So, I chose these champagne glasses. 

The glasses were in the shade, and I loved how they picked up the colors of the flowers and the and the cake which were around them.

Camera:  Nikon Coolpix 100