Since You’re Going There Anyway…

I landed at Uisce’s Irish Pub tonight with my friend Jen and asked David, the Bartender (and actual Irish immigrant), for some travel advice for my trip to Dublin in October.

David gave me more information than I could have ever hoped for and even said he’d hang a picture of mine on the wall if I returned with anything good from Ireland.   I was impressed!  He actually hauled his laptop to the bar and googled images of all the best places to go.  Also, when I asked him the important question, Bushmills or Jameson?, he answered Jameson.  He gained my repsect! 

Plus, he made a mean Manhattan. 

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  Same Traveller’s Pad;  Bellingham, WA

Visit Tony’s Coffee House!

I’ve stated often throughout my blog that I love living in Bellingham.  Most of my spare time (when not out on a photowalk) is spent in Fairhaven at places like Tony’s Coffee House, Harris Avenue Cafe, Village Books, Abbey Garden Tea Room, and a long list of other favorites. 

I’ve noticed that in many of the local coffee houses and eateries, photographers and other artists are able to display their work.   Thinking it would be great exposure, I decided to inquire at Harris Avenue Cafe if they would be interested in allowing me to display my work.  Tony’s Coffee Shop and Harris Avenue Cafe are under the same owner and business manager.  So, I was invited to display my work at Tony’s in September and then at the Cafe in December!  

After the initial excitement of being accepted, I started pouring through my photos trying to narrow down a few to actually frame and display.  Here are some of the choices I’ve settled upon.   You can view my galleries on Smug Mug if you’d like to view additional work.


So, go visit Tony’s Coffee House in September!  Aside from my photography being there, they have great coffee and a delicious selection of pastries.  Make it one of your next local hang outs!!