The Red Umbrella Mystery

Red Umbrella

When I went to lunch this afternoon, I found this abandoned umbrella, slightly damaged, lolling in the middle of the sidewalk. Of course, this begged the question – why was it there?

Perhaps the owner went into The Underground, where you get a free straw with every drink. Who could say no to that?!

Or, perhaps the owner was so overjoyed by a brief period of sunshine that she cast off the umbrella and went skipping off down the sidewalk, thinking she’d never need it again? (Sorry to say, a half hour later she did…)

Maybe it was ripped from its owner’s hands by a gust of wind, flying far across Bellingham?

Or, could it be that it is owned by no one? It’s an enchanted umbrella, appearing before a storm to warn residents of an impending downpour. Everyone knows that TRUE Pacific Northwesterners don’t even use umbrellas…

Under Cover

During a meeting in room 245, I noticed the rain.  Again. 

And, I of course forgot my umbrella for the 100th time.  Luckily, David has a few at this desk, so he brought me one on our coffee break.  Pictured here is the Lexus of umbrellas.  In addition to its one red triangle, it also boasts a squishy red handle that dubs as sort of a stress toy.  I envy it.  He wouldn’t share.  Grrr. 

Camera: Motorola Droid
Apps: PicSay Pro
Location: Employee parking lot; Burlington, Washington



Rain?  In Western Washington?  Noooo. 

Andy and I took a shopping trip to La Conner on Saturday after test driving some cars.   I got the pleasure of sharing this enormous Henry Weinhard’s umbrella with him, which had been aquired from a golf tournament sometime ago.   It’s no wonder everyone assumes we’re a couple.  But, rest assured World, we are still happily besties and more like brother and sister than anything resembling a “couple”.