The Long Ride Home

I went to Leavenworth, Washington on a camping trip with some friends in July. Not a huge fan of camping, I toughed it out for a few days before deciding to leave early – but that meant hitching a ride back with friends who had….gulp…children. Kids terrify me. They’re too honest, ask too many questions, and bounce around too much. So, I had to weigh the options – one more night with a back-ache and using a communal shower or get jostled around by young kids on a three-hour drive over the mountains so I could sleep in my own bed?

I chose the latter. And I survived! Actually, this sweet little girl entertained us with stories and took an interest in my camera before passing out in her car seat. I meant to email her dad all of the photos and blog about it but completely forgot until I happened to look through my files yesterday. These are a couple of the shots I really liked from that long ride home.