Freedom and the Great American Road Trip

Freedom and the Great American Road Trip

Before flying off on my European adventure a couple of years ago, I sold most of my possessions, including my car. Well, all great adventures eventually come to an end, and when I returned home—halfway through autumn 2015—I had to find alternative forms of transportation until I could afford to buy another vehicle. I moved [...]


Redefining Happily Ever After

Redefining Happily Ever After

I got married 18 years ago yesterday. Through some odd twist of fate in the Skagit County Clerk’s office, I was granted a divorce exactly 10 years to the day later. In the time since, I've literally flown around the world looking for that special someone. The only person I've found is myself. I'm pretty [...]

The Picture Behind the Picture

I think I missed my calling as an exotic dancer. I can do just about anything in heels, and you wouldn't believe the awkward positions I've assumed in pursuit of the  perfect shot. I've been on my back in front of my house, on my belly in front of Roozengaarde during the Tulip Festival, and [...]

Silhouettes on the Bay

I'm at the end of a nice, WARM, and relaxing Labor Day weekend. Here are some photos taken at the start of my mini-vacation at Marine Park in Bellingham.


I've been reading Steve McCurry's Blog lately, and it's forced me to rethink what I want to accomplish with my photography.  I know we can't all travel the world and evoke complex emotions with each shutter actuation, but I'd like to think I'm shooting with purpose.  When I got my first point and shoot, and [...]


I got an email from someone I've grown quite fond of this morning who wrote, "life is an adventure and it should leave you  breathless from time to time and wondering what just happened."   I couldn't agree more.  As I drove the winding road up Chuckanut this evening, admiring yet another amazing sunset, I felt [...]

Resolute on a Long Dock

The sunset was breathtaking, and there I was driving up I-5 without my camera.  But, I did some quick calculations and determined there was enough time to go home, grab the Canon, and get to the marina to capture what was left of it.  My calculations didn't allow for the slow mustang on Squalicum Parkway or [...]


No trespassing??  Like I ever listen.  I did lose the lighting more quickly than I expected last night, so my train project didn't happen.  Instead, I took the path to the marina again and tried to make the most of what remaining light reflected off the clouds.  I happened to spot a Minnesota license plate as [...]