Oh, Muddy Hell!

When I threw open my blinds this morning, I saw fog blanketing the Cashel countryside. This was exactly what I had been hoping for. I wanted to revisit Hore Abbey and capture it in fog, so I wasted no time getting ready and driving over there. Lucky for me, there was no one on the road or at the crumbling abbey; I had it all to myself – a photographers dream!

I had a particular shot in mind, and it required hiking out into a cow pasture. As I sloshed further out into the marshy field, I had the faintest idea that I may have made a bad choice. I tried to stay on the most solid-looking pieces of turf but soon realized I was in big, muddy trouble. And then it happened…My right foot sunk deep into a slurping pool of something I can only assume came from the back-end of a cow. Muddy hell!

Of course, I couldn’t let a little bog juice spoil my fun. Even though my shoes and pant legs, up to my knees, were soaked, I carried on and got my shot. Photographers will understand – certain sacrifices must be made in the name of composition.

Photo Walk Favorite

A few friends and I went on a photo walk this morning and, luckily, managed to avoid the rain.  However, what had fallen earlier created some beautiful photo opportunities.  I couldn’t wait to get home and pull this web up on my computer screen to see it BIG. 
To quote Karl, who was learning some new techniques on his Nikon, “Isn’t nature cool?” 

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  Parking lot of Whatcom Falls Park;  Bellingham, Washington