Going Red

Many of my readers are on Facebook, so they already know all about my red hair. However, I really wanted to share it with the WordPress world too! Naturally a strawberry blonde, I’ve gotten progressively blonder over the past couple of years. I needed a change.

 Thanks to Sandra at the Velvet Rope!

*Update (2/15/12):  Sadly, Sandra is no longer at the Velvet Rope.  She has returned home to L.A. to be with family.  I’m confident that another stylist at V.R. will also do a good job, but damn I’ll miss Sandra!

Self Portrait in a Minivan Door Handle

The distorted images in David’s minivan door handle quickly became my photo walk favorite today, although the purple abandoned building in the background did give me plenty of good material to post later this week. 

I also have photog tales of peril involving a hot roof, barbed wire, and a mysterious man named Dave aboard a rusted vessel named Rebound.   That’s for later, of course.

How to Take a Cell Phone Self-Portrait

Step 1:  Look into the sun.

Step 2:  Sneeze. 
Step 3:  Take a random picture of the ground as you are sneezing.

Step 4:  Try again, but realize your eye is still twitching and your hair is parted wrong.

Step 5:   Pull yourself together and hold a pose for 5 seconds. 

Step 6:   Post beautiful new self-portrait on Facebook for all your friends to enjoy.