Urban Backdrops

While driving through my hometown with my youngest brother last week, I spotted a red wall glowing in the afternoon sun.    This turned out to be the perfect backdrop for several of his wedding photos.  (Nevermind it was on the side of a bar.)  We had been en route to a different location for his photos, but this deserved a quick stop.  By the time I returned with the bride a couple of hours later, the sun wasn’t shining on it anymore, but the color was still a good contrast with her flowers and dress.  

I love these urban backdrops.  They’re different and fun and work well with portraits when I’m looking for something unique.   I’m also including a couple of examples of portraits taken in Washington.

Anthony in Glenwood, Minnesota
Jenina in Glenwood, Minnesota
Jen in Leavenworth, Washington
Matt in Port Townsend, Washington

Roses in Sepia

The red of the roses was deep and perfect.  Perfectly boring – just like most things that are too pretty.  The sepia added a bit of nostalgia and interest for me.  Plus, I wanted to play with “dodge and burn” in Photoshop, and I liked the effect better on the sepia.

I don’t know why I’ve been so fascinated with flowers lately.  If anyone were to stumble upon my blog right now, they’d think this was all I did.  Which it isn’t.  This weekend, the goal is to get some decent after dark art in Seattle.  Must find new material….