I was shocked to step outside yesterday afternoon into 80 degree air for a few reasons:  1) the weather app on my phone was incorrect, and 2) it’d been extremely windy, so I assumed it’d be somewhat chilly, and 3) it’d been rainy and miserable all week.  

 To celebrate what was probably the last beautiful day of the year, I decided to take some pictures out at Clayton Beach off Chuckanut Drive.  I first started at Larrabee State Park, but South Whatcom Fire Authority was practicing rope rescue on the cliffs.  Not that rope rescue isn’t interesting, but I’ve already been there/done that – plus they had someone there taking pictures.

Inspired by the leaves in a post last week, I thought I’d search for the first signs of fall here.  This was unsuccessful, but I did find some different subject matter.

Someone must have known I was coming and considerately gathered all of these shells for me to photograph.  I loved the purples, but also the contrasting textures of the course rock surface and the smooth shells.

There’s no shortage of interesting rock formations on Clayton Beach – or anywhere along Chuckanut Drive.

The light filtered through the trees and highlighted the still very green leaves attached to the peeling trunk of a Madrona.

I find these trees so fascinating and beautiful.  One of my favorite Northwest subjects.

Camera:  Canon 40d