Resolute on a Long Dock

The sunset was breathtaking, and there I was driving up I-5 without my camera.  But, I did some quick calculations and determined there was enough time to go home, grab the Canon, and get to the marina to capture what was left of it.  My calculations didn’t allow for the slow mustang on Squalicum Parkway or the time loss for walking in heels down a long dock, however.  Sure, people laughed at me as I clanked down the dock and disturbed every living thing within ear shot.   It didn’t matter, though, because I was determined to get the shot. 

It didn’t happen.   I arrived at the end of the dock, weaving through large fishing boats, to discover the sun had disappeared behind the large rock wall.  I’m sure the whole marina heard me sigh.

Disappointed, I turned to leave and discovered a man standing on the bow of a ship behind me – in the perfect position to still get that sunset.   Turns out, we’d both had the same idea. 

It was one of those beautiful chance meetings in which I met another local artist  who is equally as passionate about photography.   He gave me some good pointers and ideas on the long walk back to our vehicles. 

His name is Jeff Aspnes…go check out his website –!