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Every Town has its Ghosts

Ghosts are good for business, and Port Townsend, Washington has its fair share of stories. Manresa Castle is haunted by a heartbroken woman, whose love never returned from the Great War, and a Jesuit priest. A Lady in White wanders the grounds of Point Wilson Lighthouse and is, allegedly, a bit of a snoop; she… Continue reading Every Town has its Ghosts


Living in the Pacific Northwest

As I walked away from breakfast yesterday morning, hot coffee cup warming my hands, camera bag on my back, and raindrops collecting on my eyelashes, I smiled.   To live happily in the Pacific Northwest, one must learn to accept the ever-present clouds and look for something beautiful to photograph on all of those gray days.  The quick… Continue reading Living in the Pacific Northwest


It’s the End of the World

Ok, another gross exaggeration on my part.  But, it is the end of the summer, and I'm taking it out REM style. That's great, it starts with a wedding cake Pauli, Karl tie the knot Listen to my heart drop Cheating boyfriend Hit the road Moving forward with this heavy load Can't seem to find… Continue reading It’s the End of the World


Knock Knock

"Knock knock," Ella says. I know the routine.  "Who's there?" "Boo..." she continues. I then ask her the only appropriate question, "Boo who?" "Boo penguin!"  She giggles, knowing the joke makes no sense, but she can't remember how it actually goes.  But  she's five and it's cute, and I love her to pieces.  We spend the… Continue reading Knock Knock


The Sacred Place

Some of my girlfriends and I took a ferry out to Port Townsend yesterday and decided to start a new tradition. One weekend each August we'll buy a bottle of chilled white wine and make our way down to the beach below the lighthouse.  We'll lay in the sun and eventually make our way back… Continue reading The Sacred Place