Skellig Michael: An Adventure Worth Repeating

A Dublin cabbie once told me he’d climbed the island of Skellig Michael—a jagged tooth cutting the waters off of South West Ireland—and he’s glad he did it, but he’d never do it again. I knew what he meant; I flung myself out of a perfectly good airplane once and would never do that again. …

Dingle Photo Walk

The Dingle Peninsula is one of several peninsulas in South West Ireland. Each one is memorable for different reasons - Beara for its winding passes and clusters of standing stones, the Ring of Kerry

Uragh Stone Circle

Stone circles can be found across Ireland. They were built between 3,000 and 500 B.C. and were probably used for rituals or religious functions; no one really knows for sure. One thing is for certain - finding them usually requires a drive down a very narrow road (so narrow that if you meet a car, …

Winter on Lake Padden

  This scene on Lake Padden (south of Bellingham, Washington - a place without snow) is winter to me: the naked trees, the fog, the way the neglected dock slopes into the water. What is winter like where you live?

Canopy of Light

  The clouds that settled over Bellingham Bay on Sunday morning began drifting into the Chuckanut Mountains by early afternoon. I was driving south on Chuckanut Drive at the time, through the place where the sunshine met the fog, breathless at the beauty of it and desperate for a place to pull over with my camera. …