A Walk in the Park

Whatcom Falls Park

I had to deviate from my Ireland posts to show everyone what a beautiful fall day it is in Bellingham, Washington…and also ask a question about HDR photography. Recently, I found the HDR Toning option in PhotoShop. I’ve used it on a few of my photos, with some manual fine-tuning. I’m not sure if I like the results yet or not. I haven’t yet tried the traditional method of taking several photos and using software to combine the images into an HDR image. Any thoughts on methods that work well or produce a good result?

Roses in Sepia

The red of the roses was deep and perfect.  Perfectly boring – just like most things that are too pretty.  The sepia added a bit of nostalgia and interest for me.  Plus, I wanted to play with “dodge and burn” in Photoshop, and I liked the effect better on the sepia.

I don’t know why I’ve been so fascinated with flowers lately.  If anyone were to stumble upon my blog right now, they’d think this was all I did.  Which it isn’t.  This weekend, the goal is to get some decent after dark art in Seattle.  Must find new material….

First Snow!

I was sitting by the fire last night, editing photos to use in my Harris Avenue Cafe display next month, when Jess walked into the living room exclaiming “Oh my God!”

Apparently I had been so focused on my editing that I didn’t see the blizzard happening out the window behind me.  This gives me a couple of reasons to be thankful. 

First of all, we were blessed with snow on a day I don’t have to work.  Secondly, I got to practice taking pictures with the Canon with the added challenge of reflected light off the snow.  I think we’ll definitely need a lot more snow for me to get this figured out…maybe some trips us the mountain…for the sake of learning, of course.