Let There Be Light!

Well, what do you know?  The sun does come out in the Pacific Northwest!  It decided to emerge for an entire weekend.  This was nice, considering it was Dirty Dan Days in Fairhaven, where I got several shots of some performers this afternoon and enjoyed the Chuckanut Chowder Cook-off.  After leaving Fairhaven, I took a walk by the marina for some additional photos – since I generally don’t have time during the week anymore.   

For a while I was trying to do a photo a day.  However, this just isn’t realistic for me these days.  I’m liking the idea of a post a week – maybe an extra one if I have time.  But, I’m not going to stress out over it.  Having a photo blog should be fun, not a burden after all.


The Parable of Insensible Shoes

I love shoes.  One of my favorites is a pair of purple-soled Kensies I’d purchased for my first trip to Europe several years ago.  I happened to be wearing those this afternoon when I decided to take the long way home from work with my Nikon.  If they’re good enough for Rue de Paris, they’re good enough for Larrabee State Park, right? 

If I’d stuck to the trail, perhaps. 

I spotted a musician perched on a boulder, overlooking the water with his guitar.   And what was I supposed to do?  Walk barefoot over the rocks to get to him?   And after I’d finished photographing him, was I supposed to ignore the girl who found the starfish on the rocky beach below?

Thank God I have great balance.

I think the moral to this story is to always keep a change of shoes in the car.  The sun actually does come out in the Pacific Northwest on occasion – one must be prepared!

The tunnel that leads to the beach
The musician that lured me to the end of that boulder...a little bit to close to the edge for my comfort (in heels), but I got a great photo!


And who could resist the slight curl of his lip and the gentle stroking of that guitar? Not me!


I had to balance across hundreds of slippery stones to get this. Worth it?


Rock heart someone thoughtfully left for me to find!


Me and my Kensies...taking a little break.


One final snapshot on the way back to the car. The lighting here was darn near perfect!