What’s the Best Camera?

Answer: The one you have on you.  For most of us, that’s our mobile phone.  Sure, there are limitations, but it’s still possible to get some good shots!   

“Jolene’s Life in Focus” actually started as an experiment in mobile phone art early in 2010.  Long before I ever owned a DSLR, I had my Motorola Droid.  So, I decided to launch a simple, 5 megapixel project in creativity.  Using only apps available on the Android market, these pictures were taken and edited right in the palm of my hand!  It really taught me a lot about lighting and composition, believe it or not.  This is a collection of some of my favorite shots during that time period. 

When you have no fancy lenses available, what can you create?


Little Hands


This post is an experiment to see if I can upload a photo and blog directly from my phone, the original Motorola DROID.

Tonight, I’m at Red Robin in Burlington, Washington with some friends and their children for a birthday.  These little hands belong to Rick and Angela’s son, Alex.  It was amazing – he sat perfectly still, poised for some serious coloring action so I could take the shot.  


Espress-O-Junction, in Burlington, Washington,  is my favorite drive-thru espresso stand between Mount Vernon and Bellingham.   The baristas know what I want before I order it, I love the rich flavor of their espresso, and the little details like chocolate covered coffee beans on the lid just top off the experience.  And really, when you have a long day ahead of you, it’s nice to start off the morning in a familiar place and the wonderful aroma of freshly ground espresso beans.  

This is another shot via my Motorola Droid.   Happy Friday!

Wax Tails

Sadly, a DSLR isn’t always at my fingertips.  However, having spent the greater part of 2010 creating photo “art” on my cell phone, I thought I’d see what my Motorola DROID could do today when I found these candles.   The lighting was decent, so the “Wax Tails” didn’t turn out half bad.

Posts on this blog prior to August 4th were all Motorola DROID, cell phone art (transferred over from their original home on Blogspot).    When I started pursuing photography more seriously around July, the cell phone art became less interesting, and I only do it occasionally now.

Village Green

Although it may feel like it, and the snow has been falling already, Autumn hasn’t called it quits yet.   I spotted the Fairhaven Village Green sign on the way to Daphne’s in Fairhaven for hot toddys the other day.   The colors were still so vibrant.  Sometimes the quality of my Motorola DROID camera phone really impresses me. 

This may be the last time to appreciate the colors, though.   More high winds are expected tonight, which will probably clear out the remaining foliage.

How to Take a Cell Phone Self-Portrait

Step 1:  Look into the sun.

Step 2:  Sneeze. 
Step 3:  Take a random picture of the ground as you are sneezing.

Step 4:  Try again, but realize your eye is still twitching and your hair is parted wrong.

Step 5:   Pull yourself together and hold a pose for 5 seconds. 

Step 6:   Post beautiful new self-portrait on Facebook for all your friends to enjoy.


“Can I steal your dice?” I asked Josh after harassing him for Photoshop advice.

“No…you can’t steal my dice.”

“Can I borrow your dice?” I tried again.

“What are you going to do with them?” 

Eventually we worked out a temporary custody agreement so I could get this photo of the day with his Dungeons and Dragons dice.

42 immediately jumped out at me.  Not only is it my favorite number, it is also the ultimate answer to ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. 

I had no idea how significant my number choice would be when I picked it out as a child.  I remember being in elementary school doing multiplication tables, and 7 x 6 = 42 became my favorite.   Apparently Douglas Adams and even Lewis Carroll (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) had a similar fascination. 

Camera:  Motorola DROID, 5 megapixels
Apps:  Picsay Pro; Faux HDR and Tilt-Shift

A Piece of Dirty Dan

Yesterday afternoon ended with a London Fog from Tony’s Coffee (always done to perfection) and a stroll through the Village Green in Fairhaven where I stopped to read my new book, The House of God by Samuel Shem.   Chapter I of this book made me wonder if medicine is a good field to go into.  The jury is still out on both the book and on medicine. 

As I left the Green, I noticed the accumulation of autumn leaves around the Dirty Dan statue.  Photographing it is way overdone, so I tried to look for a new perspective on it, and decided upon this.   Sometimes, the smallest fraction of an object is more interesting than the whole.  

Camera:  Motorola Droid, 5 mega pixels.
Apps:  PicSay Pro;  I increased the saturation and played with a new feature called Faux HDR and Instant Film.

Autumn Outside Uisce’s


I haven’t posted  a picture from my Droid in a while.  Since that is how this blog began – picture a day on Droid – I thought I’d find something of interest.  The leaves have started to fall, especially outside of Uisce’s Irish Pub downtown Bellingham.  Of course, the traditional reds, yellows, and browns that I actually captured weren’t quite as pleasing to the eye.  So, once again the PicSay Pro application helped change the hue.  Again, the best $1.99 I ever spent on an App!

On a side note, being the Manhattan addict I currently am, Uisce’s make the best.  There’s a delicate balance of bitters, sweet vermouth, and whiskey.  No one ever gets this right EXCEPT for Uisce’s.   I think it’s Jonathan that invented the “smokey” Manhattan that the owner, David, later would laugh at when I ordered.   However, the traditional version is still my favorite.  With Jameson.

Cat Scratch Fever

David and I found a friendly stray feline on the way to coffee yesterday afternoon.  Here’s my view, and here’s his view.

David’s Images of Life

Camera:  Motorola Droid
Apps:  PicSay Pro
Location:  That familiar path between work and Fred’s;  Burlington, WA

All You Need is Droid



And love.  This is my first blog post from my Motorola Droid using the WordPress app, and I decided to post a couple of pictures I took with my camera phone at my friend Jasmine’s wedding. 

The lighting was perfect to capture the cake, and these corks were a gift to me from the bartender to add to my growing collection.  What will I do with all these corks?  No idea.  For now, they overflow the small basket in my kitchen as I decide.

Camera:  Motorola Droid
Apps:  Picsay Pro
Location:  Country Club, Lake Stevens Area