1,000 Pictures Later

Last night I photographed the Autumnus Subluceo Masquerade Ball, an Engineers without Borders fundraiser.   I specialize in photographing inanimate objects with good lighting, most of the time.  What this means is that photographing a moving object in terrible lighting was a bit if a challenge for me.  It was a GOOD challenge, as it taught me a lot about what to do and not to do.   I want to thank David Williams for the use of his equipment (which Andy envied the entire evening), and I also want to thank Andy for assisting me and explaining some technical aspects of photography in low light.  

At the time of this posting, I’m waiting on SmugMug to upload all of my photos.  Currently, I’m on about 84 of 250 photos or so.   This was after sorting through about 1,000.   Anyway, this was a new experience for me, so I hope people enjoy the photos I took.   Visit my gallery and check them out!