Village Green

Although it may feel like it, and the snow has been falling already, Autumn hasn’t called it quits yet.   I spotted the Fairhaven Village Green sign on the way to Daphne’s in Fairhaven for hot toddys the other day.   The colors were still so vibrant.  Sometimes the quality of my Motorola DROID camera phone really impresses me. 

This may be the last time to appreciate the colors, though.   More high winds are expected tonight, which will probably clear out the remaining foliage.

What’s in a Name?

Sometimes I find colors or textures I like, and those things make a good picture, but I don’t necessarily know what to name that picture.  Naming also becomes complicated when considering the large number of leaf and vine pictures that I’ve accumulated.  

So, what’s in a name?  And what would be a good one for this picture?

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  Vacant Fair Trade Haven in Fairhaven;  Bellingham, Washington.

Dew Drops

These leaves are a precise expression of my Ordinary Things Project.   Deciduous trees have the unfortunate destiny of losing their leaves once a year.   Littering the ground, they may not seem like much anymore, but if you look closely – sometimes you’ll see something beautiful still remains.  

These dew drops, for example, reminded me of treasure.   I could imagine being six years old and pretending they were diamonds and running around with my friends collecting all the leaves.   As we age, it seems like we lose a bit of that wonder and the ability to find the extraordinary in the everyday things.  

Instead of looking at the surface, let’s challenge ourselves to look again.  Look deeper.  Find the secret, the treasure, the hidden thing waiting patiently to be discovered.  What have we been missing because we’ve failed to really “look”?

Blowing in the Wind

Fairhaven Area;  Bellingham, Washington

Returning from vacation is never easy.  I spent yesterday editing about 100 pictures from Ireland, which are now on my Smug Mug Gallery.   These 100 were a good representation of about 500 or so that I took. 

After I did this, I wandered down to the Colophon Cafe in Fairhaven to have some hot, spiced cider (which was amazing!).  I was feeling a bit sad.   When I returned from Africa last year, I was ecstatic to be home.  Not because I had a bad time – I LOVED Africa.  But, I’d had enough and was ready to be in my own bed.   Even on my previous trips to Europe, though short, I was still happy to be home.    This time was different.  I felt very connected to Ireland in a way I haven’t yet experienced with another location.  I feel like a piece of me is missing.

As I was leaving the Colophon Cafe, a little boy was kicking through the leaves on the sidewalk.   This reminded me of an elderly woman in Dublin who was wandering around outside the National Gallery just swishing through the leaves and watching them scatter in the wind.  It was a beautiful image I decided not to photograph. 

I’m not sure how to wrap this post up – my thoughts are blowing around like those colorful leaves in the breeze.  I guess I’ll keep traveling, keep learning, keep reading, keep meeting new people.  I’ll laugh until I cry and wake up feeling exhausted and satisfied.   I will push through fear and realize all my dreams.  

I will live life more abundantly.