Ireland’s Most Haunted Castle

Ireland’s Most Haunted Castle

I love ghost stories. From the haunted vaults of Edinburgh to the castles of Ireland, and from New England battlefields to the streets of New Orleans, I've taken every opportunity to scare myself silly. I even went through a phase in which I watched Ghost Hunters every week on the SyFy channel just to get travel [...]


Haunted by Ireland

A giant, laminated map of the world hangs above my bed, reminding me of all of the places I want to go: South Africa, Botswana (almost anywhere in Africa, really), China, Greece, Romania, and about 1,000 other places. And yet, out of all the grand options available, something about Ireland always calls out to me. [...]

Reason to Love Ireland #125

I found this castle while driving past Ballyconneely, Ireland, and of course what random castle in Ireland would be complete without a flock of blackbirds diving in and out of it? I'm not sure who this one belongs to...maybe Maeve the Pirate Queen? With so many intriguing legends in Ireland, some interesting history must be [...]

The Third Time is the Charm

I love how Irish people pronounce "Ireland". They say her name like that of a new lover with whom they have just parted ways, wistfully enchanted, possessed by a fondness that can never be fully realized. I have caught myself saying it that way too - love and loss rolled into three syllables. Ireland. Who [...]

Before and After the Shutter Clicked: Memoir is Therapy

Love is an unreliable lens through which to look at a person. The same can be said of vacation. The viewer is left with a romantic memory of an experience, bereft of all its glaring imperfections. Memoir writing has caused me to confront my romantic notions of Ireland and to be brutally honest with myself. [...]