Latex Stalactite

As I was driving along Lake Samish Drive last Friday I spotted two graffiti covered rocks.   I stopped to take a few pictures and was fascinated by the layers of paint that have dripped into colorful latex stalactites.   There’s art everywhere!

It’s Not What You Think

“I like your sculpture.  Can I take a picture of it?”   I ask as I browse through the  jewelry displays at Black Market Boutique. 

“That’s actually a bike rack,” Colleen tells me. 

What a cool idea.   Unless you notice the harp-like shadow, you’d swear it was just part of the mural.    Apparently people are hesitant about chaining their bike to something this artistic. 

Check out yesterday’s post Black Market Art, for more pictures of this colorful building.

Black Market Art

I’m thinking of a new photo project called, Graffiti Art…or something along those lines.  Bellingham is rich with art scrawled across boxcars,  intricate murals that decorate buildings, or random splashes of graffiti.  

 A mural that I found especially fascinating this week can be seen covering the back of a business on North State Street called Black Market Boutique.   I learned that this was design of Shawn Cass and Aaron Brick, created with some community involvement. 

Some of my favorite details of the mural:

Something I couldn’t fit into the top picture:

Colleen Milton also provided me with some pictures of the community effort involved in creating this wall.  Thank you Colleen for the pictures and the information!