Goodwill Donation

Tonight I assessed the Christmas decoration situation.   I have a lot of ribbon, and it all smells like eucalyptus from being shoved in bags with the floral decor and hidden in my laundry room for the past 11 months.    To top that off, the bags are all labeled “Bon Marche“.  Those of you who live in and around Seattle know about the whole BonMarche – Bon Macy’s – Macy’s transition that started about a decade ago.   These decorations and bags are old, relatively speaking.  They’ve been around since before my divorce, and the eucalyptus kind of reminds me of that.   Time to clean house!

So, Jess and I will be searching for a tree and new decorations this year….and the BonMarche bags will be surrendered to the local Goodwill store.