Fort Casey Photo Shoot

Imagine a rare day of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest.  You take your kiddos to Fort Casey, on Whidbey Island, to fly kites in winds blowing off the Straight of Juan de Fuca.  Nothing seems out of the ordinary, except that yellow orb in the sky.  Suddenly, 16 women dressed in black, toting roller skates appear and proceed to hang off the ruins of the fort.  A couple of them are in heavy, goth-inspired make-up.  You wonder if you should be concerned, but this is the Pacific Northwest after all, and our excitement is always a bit subdued. 

If that was your experience a couple of weekends ago, don’t worry.  It was just the Whidbey Island Roller Girls on their first photo shoot.

I am trying to build my photography portfolio, so I appreciated the opportunity to work with these ladies.  They’d only expected a quick headshot, but since it was a nice day we decided to have some fun with it.  Here are a couple of my favorite shots.

06/27/11 Update – All photos can be viewed on my new website,

Defying gravity
Julia looks like a super hero!
She emerges from the wall…

To Coupeville and Back

Fort Casey

Being 1,800 miles away from home, Andy offered (or did I just say I was going??) to take me to his parent’s house for Mother’s Day.  After lunch and a visit with my wonderful second family, we visited Fort Casey down by the ferry terminal in Coupeville, Washington.   My belly full with a half a pound of the best filet mignon I’ve ever had, I wasn’t in the most energetic of moods. But, determined to work off the food and get a little exercise, I toughed it out and got a few photos.

I’m excited about this next weekend!  Archbishop Desmond Tutu will be in Tacoma, Washington, and I’m going to hear him speak live for the first and probably last time in my life.  It’s not likely that I’ll be able to get any photos at the event, but I’ll be spending the weekend in Seattle, so I’m hoping to fit in some good street photography.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed, hoping for sunshine!  (A huge novelty in the Pacific Northwest these days!)

Fort Casey in Color

Stopping to smell the dandilions


We spotted a shipwreck on the way home. I liked the details more than the entire ship.


I almost stepped on this little guy...