Layers of Heaven

I was excited about my friend Anne moving in next door.  Little did I know however, she had been keeping a secret from me… 

I should have known, given her Scandinavian roots, that my waistline would be threatened.  It’s common knowledge that Scandinavian girls, Norwegians in particular, are among the best bakers in the world.   But, until I saw and then tasted her first lemon meringue pie, I had no idea what a good baker she happened to be!   Shortly after this pie was devoured, two dozen mini-cupcakes appeared next door sprinkled in coconut.  After indulging in two or three…maybe four of those, I had to leave and separate myself from further culinary temptation.    And when I say leave, I mean –  run away with Anne chasing after me with more cupcakes!! 

What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear?

Santa’s sleigh and reindeer took the form of a UPS truck and left another package for me today.  This one came from my dad, Grant, and his wife, Deb,  in Minnesota.   The first thing I noticed when I opened the box, was the truffles strategically placed on top.  And, after wondering which one I should eat first, I thought about how to photograph them.  Of course!   I was immediately drawn to the musical notes truffle (which tasted as good as looked). 

These truffles are made by Delectables by Dori in Starbuck, Minnesota and come in such enticing flavors as dark chocolate cherry, hazelnut, Irish creme, and orange.  Then there’s milk chocolate, and white chocolate – some with lemon.   Okay…time to eat some!