Light My Way

Kotor, Montenegro

New Worlds

People are fascinated by pictures of doors, especially those that are old and weathered. In fact, I've seen entire websites dedicated to them. Perhaps they symbolize our longing to enter new worlds? Or, maybe they represent the secrets of old worlds and past lives that shouldn't be revisited. I found this particular doorway at Ardgillan Castle …

OXO Boys

I like a bit of a mystery. Captivated by the Georgian architecture in Dublin, I set out to photograph some of the doors and buildings for a later project. On this particular door, I found a note that read The OXO Boys. The OXO Boys...who are they?? I wondered. Did they like kisses more than hugs? …

Interesting Door Art

While exploring Dublin last week, I found this door decorated with oxygen gauges in a back alley.  Interesting choice.  It makes me wonder what I'd find if I went wandering the streets of Seattle.  I was in such a hurry to get from Point A to Point B when I lived there that I never really enjoyed …

Just Relax

There's no fancy story today, just a photo! Camera:  Canon 40d Location:  Along State Street;  Bellingham, Washington