Breaking Free


Human beings crave boundaries and defined limits. We spend a great deal of our lives protecting and defending them. They make us feel safe. But, sometimes I feel like we’ve fenced ourselves inside a property and then boxed ourselves into a house. Wouldn’t it be great just to let go of all that for a little while and see the world? Open our hearts and minds to something outside of our little plots of land that don’t really belong to us anyway? What would happen if we allowed ourselves to break free? Try to do all the things we ever dreamed of? That’s not to say, live foolishly and without a plan. But, take some steps away from your comfort zone. See what you might find out there in this big world.

Lavender Fields


Just when you thought the Pacific Northwest couldn’t possibly get anymore beautiful, lavender shoots up and rolls like great purple waves across Washington fields. I am not sure why I haven’t paid any attention  in previous years, but apparently I live within a couple hours of some very stunning fields. Lacking the time to find any of them this weekend, I made a short day trip out to Lummi Island with a couple of friends and found a small farm to take a few pictures instead.

The Sequim Lavender Farm Faire runs from July 19 – 21… It’s a bit of a journey from where I live, but it may be worth it to get a few late afternoon shots of some fields later this month. Anyone out there have any favorite fields either along the I-5 corridor or on the Olympic Peninsula?


The Rembrandt Tulip


The painterly quality of a shallow depth of field can turn a simple photo into a canvas – appropriate, considering tulips have long been popular with artists, and some varieties have even been named after them.

The Rembrandt Tulip, featured here, was popular in Holland during the tulip frenzy of the 1600’s, even though the Dutch painter is not actually known for painting flowers.