The Moment You’re Given

Arches National Park, Utah

I hit Moab, Utah after an exhausting day on the road. Torrential downpours followed by blinding sunlight, back aches, and eye fatigue were among the things that made the drive from Buena Vista, Colorado difficult. What kept me going was the hope of seeing Utah’s Delicate Arch for the first time at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, I arrived too late in the evening. I parked in the designated lot for the iconic rock and began walking, but soon found out I’d be hiking for 30 minutes over rocky terrain to see it. Perhaps if I’d been with someone or had eaten recently or had better shoes, I’d have gone on anyway in the dark. But I was tired, hungry, and all alone – so it wasn’t meant to be. I turned around and faced west to watch the sunset instead. It wasn’t the moment I had been hoping for, but it was the moment I was given.

Delicate Arch will always be there. I’ll capture it next time.