Five Years and Four Cameras Later…

South of Edinburgh, Scotland 2006

Five years ago I was a 29 year-old, freshly divorced, wannabe world-traveler with a crisp new passport and an exotic looking, Spanish-Irish-British love interest who was begging me to fly to London. Having just sold my first condo, I had a few extra dollars and splurged on a plane ticket. I also redeemed some credit card points for a free 5 megapixel digital camera, which I planned to use to photograph creepy old castles to hang on the walls of my new condo. I knew absolutely nothing about photography at the time, other than what I thought would look good on my walls.

Unfortunately for Joseph, my poor love interest, I sat next to an especially charismatic journalist type on the 9 hour flight who had stimulated my brain to such an extent that I couldn’t later adjust to Joseph’s shy personality. I was far more enraptured with the Scottish and English countryside than the painfully forced conversation to which I’d been subjected. Ah well, it’s for the best that didn’t work out anyway. I had pictures to take!

Time flies. Since that first trip overseas, I’ve returned to Europe (although other destinations) three times and to Africa twice. I’ve upgraded my camera four times, and I’m finally figuring out the technical components of photography – although, it’s my personal opinion that having a fancy camera can’t make you a good photographer.

These are the first images I ever took with my first ever camera, a wimpy little 5 megapixel Samsung Digimax A503. And yet, they are some of my favorites.

Glastonbery, England
Craigmiller Castle, Scotland
Glastonbery, England