Where do we go now?

North Antrim Coast

I’m sitting at the Cork Airport wondering why I got here two hours early.  The security checkpoint isn’t even open yet. 

I had a huge debit card debacle yesterday in Belfast.  When I tried to pay for my hotel room, it was declined, and it was outside of customer service hours back in the States, so I couldn’t get it straightened out.  I ended up paying cash for my room – all that I had left and nearly missed my train back to Dublin.  Luckily, my train ticket to Dublin and then to Cork were pre-booked, so I didn’t have to worry about those expenses. 

When I arrived in Cork I was able to call Bank of America who told me that the charge from the hotel in Belfast came out of the UK.  The charge for the hotel I’d booked in Cork the night before came from Paris, and then the bank withdrawal I tried to make once I got to Cork looked like it was coming from Afghanistan!   No one could explain that one, but it was all straightened out.  No wonder my account was suspended.  All of that would look suspicious.

I didn’t really do anything yesterday except get from point A to point B.  Kieran and I actually met up for a couple of drinks, but then he was called into work, so that was cut short.  It was an emotional meeting for me, because he was the reason I’d booked this trip to begin with.  I know I’ll probably never see him again.

Well, looks like security is finally open at Cork airport, so I need to head to my gate. 

I think my adventures in Ireland are over, although the cabbie yesterday in Dublin told me I’d be back.  My next plan is to visit South Africa, so I think I can safely say Ireland is out of my system, and I’m looking forward to a new adventure.

Cork 2011

Last year during the Superbowl my friend Erica and I (under the influence of beer, silly football commercials, and Matt’s mac & cheese meatloaf) decided we wanted to travel somewhere.  After scouring internet dating sites, we determined the best looking men came from Cork, Ireland.   Tentative plans were made to visit during the jazz festival.   Again, there was copious amounts of beer in this discussion. 

As usually happens, we sobered up and forgot about it until movie night this past July.   Someone had rented “Leap Year”, which is about a woman who flies into a geographically altered Ireland (thanks, Hollywood) to propose to her long-time boyfriend.  Of course Amy Adams meets a dark, handsome Irish man instead who proposes eventually on the Cliffs of Moher (I’m guessing) and they live the implied happily ever after.   Well, who wouldn’t want that

Again, as the movie thrall faded, I forgot about it…until Patrick, the young bartender with Irish heritage, schooled me in Irish whiskeys at Black Forest.   A friend would later tell me the Jameson was just trying to go home when I booked a flight to Dublin on my phone from the bar.  Welcome my new mantra, Cork 2010.

I decided I’d give international dating a try and joined a site.  That was interesting, and some of the men were down right crazy.  One wanted to “make babies and family”.  I was definitely not up for that.  But, I kept on until I found a couple of people I considered safe AND fun.   Details forthcoming in future memoir…

Skipping ahead so you have a reason to read my memoir one day….It’s true that attractive men reside in Cork, as originally suspected.  In fact, the two corks above were shared with someone in particular on a night I barely remember.  It was the best trip of my life, and I continue to romanticize it and long to go back. 

Actually, plans are already in the making.  I just booked a flight back to Cork, a decision I made completely sober and of relatively sound mind.   I’ll land there after winter quarter, on March 25.  Who knows what adventures lie ahead – maybe I romanticized the original trip too much and now I return for nothing?   There’s no way to know until I go.  

Regardless, there’s no greater rush than pressing the “book flight” button…

Dear Adrienne

Dear Adrienne,

Thank you for hosting the Monday night BBQ with Jimmy (a.k.a The Shady Chef) and for the divine chocolate truffles, of which the butterscotch were my favorite…

Please share the recipe with your Lush sisters. 

And cheers to all the others who signed the cork on Monday night!  Thanks for Penguin wine, Karen (a.k.a. Scribbles) Morse!!

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Location:  Secret Backyard Location; Bellingham, Washington