Coupeville Cat

Towards the end of our photo walk on Saturday, Jen and I spotted this cat sunbathing on the ledge of one of Coupeville’s shops.   Like a lot of animals I find lately, he patiently posed for a minute before scurrying away.

Pfaff Cat

I’m behaving…

I had to share some pictures of Andy’s sister’s cat.   Despite his big appetite, he was well-behaved during the Thanksgiving food preparations.   Or, perhaps it wasn’t good behavior as much as an inability to maneuver his rotund frame quickly enough to snatch a bite without being caught…

What Are You Looking At?

Not all cats are as amiable as Psycho Cat.   This unfriendly feline refused to pose for more than a few seconds before scampering beneath the building.  She kept an untrusting eye on me until I was far enough away to no longer be a threat.  Then she emerged to polish off the cat food scattered on the ground.

Camera:  Canon 40d
Location:  Between Fairhaven and the boardwalk to Boulevard Park;  Bellingham, Washington

Cat Scratch Fever

David and I found a friendly stray feline on the way to coffee yesterday afternoon.  Here’s my view, and here’s his view.

David’s Images of Life

Camera:  Motorola Droid
Apps:  PicSay Pro
Location:  That familiar path between work and Fred’s;  Burlington, WA